Cloud Email Hosting

Upgrade your company's efficiency, communication and collaboration
with our hybrid email infrastructure, file storage & archiving Solutions



  • Cloud-based & Redundant

    Multi-tenant network ensures reliability and eliminates the single-point-of-failure drawback of traditional email hosting

  • Email

    Give your business a professional look with email @ your domain name.

  • Spam & Virus Protection

    Our premium filtering keeps your inbox virtually free of spam and viruses.

  • Free Email Migrations

    Changing email providers can be a daunting experience - we will help you setup and move all your emails to our platform

  • Email Archiving Available

    Easily preserve crucial email data and attachments via a searchable, scalable, cloud-based archiving service. Keep a record of all email activity including deleted messages perpetually.

Benefits over traditional Email

  • Scalability

    The scalability of Cloud-based email allows for an increase in future email capacity without having to do any major changes to the environment itself. With the increased scalability that Cloud-based email offers, your organization can experience the simplicity of being able to adjust your user license counts and storage capacity either up or down, depending on your specific needs.

  • Improvement in Uptime

    Because your data will be stored in the Cloud, your organization will experience better uptime and disaster recovery response times than those organizations that still rely on their on-premise solutions.

  • Simplified Administration

    Through our Client Panel you can manage and control all aspects of your email, spam settings, whitelists, blacklists and add or remove accounts. Access to webmail and a dedicated website for help with your setup is also included. If you also purchase other services from us, everything will be included and you will be able to manage your account, billing and services.

Combine Email & MS Exchange Accounts under the same domain for maximum cost efficiency

Cloud Business Email

€4 / month

  • 25 Gigabytes mailbox
  • 50 Megabyte attachments
  • Custom Control Panel
  • Webmail
  • Mobile Sync

Email Plus with Cloud Drive

€7 / month

  • All Features of Cloud Business Email
  • + 30GB Secure Cloud Storage
  • ActiveSync - Mobile Sync
  • MSOffice comp. apps for online file editing.
  • File Sharing & Collaboration

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

€10 / month

  • 100 Gigabytes mailbox
  • 50 Megabyte attachments
  • MS Outlook 2016 License
  • Shared contacts, tasks, calendar, and notes
  • ActiveSync
  • Affordable Cloud Hosted Business Email

    25GB mailbox, 50MB attachments for only €4/month.

    Hosted Email packs a complete personal information management system into a compact, easy-to-use interface. Business email users have different needs and requirements than personal users.

  • Business Email Plus with Cloud Drive

    25GB mailbox, 50MB attachments & 30GB of Secure Cloud Storage for only €7/month.

    Email Plus with Cloud Drive is an affordable, business-class email and file storage & sharing solution that includes a 100% uptime guarantee and provides anywhere access from any device.

  • exhange

    Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2016

    100GB mailbox, 50MB attachments & Microsoft Outlook 2016 Desktop License for only €10/month.

    Exchange email users get full access to their email folders, contacts and calendars from Microsoft Outlook, on any web browser, or mobile device. Changes made to emails, contacts or calendars are kept up to date when accessed from another device.  Exchange makes collaborating with co-workers, customers and suppliers easy. Shared calendaring allows users to easily schedule meetings with co-workers and eliminates scheduling conflicts for resources such as rooms and equipment.

  • Email Archiving

    Email Archiving is a cloud-based retention solution that captures, indexes and stores a single copy of all email messages and attachments in a physically separate archive system. It works with most email programs, including Hosted Exchange and Office 365 offerings and helps your company to have easy access to a complete record of every email sent or received by your users, protected by granular admin rights and fully searchable and discoverable.

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