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We believe in offering a complete website solution that starts with a modern and responsive layout, continues with clean and optimized code, is hosted on a super fast and secure server and is backed up with our ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your website will be running smoothly over time.


Our full website package includes

Modern Web Layout

We will design the website based on best practices for maximum effectiveness and user interaction on every page. No more fixed templates or boring layouts. Your website must be able to sell and we have the expertise to achieve that.

Optimized Code

Your website might look at its best but that doesn't mean that Google and the other Search Engines see it that way.  We keep our code clean and use only the highest quality modules to ensure optimum performance.

Hosting & Security

Keeping your website secure is essential even if there is nothing there worth stealing.  We can host your website on our secure servers or you might choose your own dedicated platform.  We will secure and protect your website by using premium security modules.

Ongoing Support

Our work is not finished when your website is live. We will spend on avarage 1-2 hours each month to keep everything updated and secure. We employ the best tools in the market to be able to remotely fix any issue that might appear from small upgrade glitches to a hackers' attack.

Website Characteristics

Build on WordPress

WordPress is by no doubt the best and most popular Open Source Content Management System.  It is very user-friendly and provides limitless possibilities of expansion and it has been evolving constantly through a very active community.

Through our experience and our active participation in the WordPress Community we have developed our custom based solution that enhances it even more. 

Design trends are also changing over time - what looked good in 2010 does not necessarily look good now.  Our system is so versatile that if you decide to radically change the design it can be done with minimal cost.

  • Mobile First Responsive Design

    Based on guidelines from Google published in April 2015, pages that are not optimized for mobile use will be downgraded and their SEO will suffer.  We employ Google Best Practices to ensure this does not happen .

  • Point & Click to Change

    Editing your content could not be easier with our super powerful page builder plug-in.  You just have to login to your website point+click at the element you will like to change and view your changes in real time.  Then decide at your own pace when the changes appear to the public.

  • Analytics from within

    Editing your content could not be easier with our super powerful page builder plug-in.  You just have to login to your website point+click at the element you will like to change and view your changes in real time.  Then decide at your own pace when the changes appear to the public.

  • Search Engine Optimization Tools

    We will install and configure a Search Engine Optimization module that will provide the necessary tools for each page to be optimized.  You will also find useful Video Tutorials on Search Engine Optimization in our Video Library that will be available from your Dashboard.

Exclusive Extras

Initial Training & Video Tutorial Library
Our full web package includes initial training.  Training usually does not take more than a few hours.  Training can be done on-site or online initially but we can also offer remote support and help in the initial stages of getting to know how to do things.

You will also have access to our extensive Video Tutorial Library which contains useful small videos on how to do common tasks within the system.  The video library is constantly updated to reflect changes and additions.  An online e-book manual will also be available for extra reference.

Hosting Characteristics

Super Fast Reliable Shared hosting

Our clients' websites are hosted on our secure, 12-core, Branded Enterprise-Level Servers based in Europe for maximum speed and reliability.

Although it is shared hosting it feels like you have your own Virtual Private Server.

Our Servers are managed on-site 24/7 by expert technicians, with regular security audits done to ensure maximum safety of files and databases.

We are ready to discuss custom solutions for your organization including extra web space, Cloud hosting, Virtual Private Servers, SSL Certificates, dedicated IPs and much more.

Get in touch with us for a personalized quotation.

  • CPanel included

    Although we fully manage your hosting, we can also provide access to your hosting panel making it simple to manage it yourself.  We also provide advanced mail packages. Ask us for details

  • Quality hardware

    Our servers run on branded hardware which are generally less prone to hardware failure. All components are fully redundant, and not “hand-built,” minimizing greatly the risk of downtime.

  • 100% SSD Disks

    For high I/O requirements we use enterprise grae SSD storage with RAID 5 redundancy.

  • Off-site Daily Backups

    Your account data are backed-up daily to backup servers on separate datacenters to ensure that are always safe.  We even keep your daily backups for 30 days just in case we need to go back. 

  • LiteSpeed Server - PHP 7

    Litespeed web server is becoming the new standard in shared hosting environments as a replacement for the traditional Apache Server with major advantages in speed and request handling

  • Continuous Improvement

    We are in constant search of ways to make our hosting service as worry-free as possible for our clients with continuous monitoring, fast problem-solving and our personal support.

  • Dedicated Support Website

    Change billing information, view and pay your invoices or order new services or domains directly from our dedicated support site.

Website Care

Maintenance & Support

The Internet is always changing, from the underlying software that support it, to fixes of security vulnerabilities all the way to the functions and capabilities of your website.

In order to keep your site effective and optimized over time requires a continuous effort. No worries! We are here for you.

If we make your website you automatically receive this service for free for 6 months – it is our way of standing behind our work. After this period you can cancel or continue our support plan with either a yearly or a spread-out monthly subscription.

Note that if you decide to stop your maintenance subscription we cannot guarantee the continuous operation and security of your website.

  • Updates

    Keeping your website up to date with all the latest developments is crucial and essential for its continuous developement. The CMS is constantly updated with new technologies, better and more secure components and new capabilities and we will take care of all that and any problems that might arise from it.

  • Performance

    We will perform regular Database optimization and performance checks to keep your website in optimized condition and the database healthy.

  • Security

    We take preventive steps to keep your site secure from emerging security threats that can harm your site’s and emails’ reputation. 

    We perform daily scans for Malware and Viruses, and pro-actively monitor file changes that could allow a security breach.

  • Off-site Daily Backups

    Your website and database are backed-up daily to servers on separate data-centers to ensure that are always safe.  We even keep your daily backups for 30 days just in case we need to go back. 

  • Licensing renewal

    In most cases it is likely that we will use one or more of 3rd party plugins on your website of which we own a "unlimited" license.  These licenses are usually renewed on an annual basis so that the developers can continue to develop and update the plugin.  When we are managing your website, these licenses are automatically renewed by us.

  • What's not included

    Changes to the design or adding/changing content is not included in the maintenance package.  Not to worry though, we can cover that too.  Just talk to us about it.

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